Monday, November 24, 2008

Twilight; Bad Turn For The Vampire Generation

Although Twilight seems to be a good love story, the movie adaptation looks like a slap in the face. The movie did have good effects, however, the book had several flaws on displaying vampires. Vampires should not be portrayed as glittering, human's blood-vegetarians. What is the most annoying factor of Meyer's vampire is that they actually have no fangs. What kind of vampires have no fangs?! Vampires should resemble the originals, blood thirsty demons, not a diamond sparkly creature whos only resembelence to the original vampires is their white skin, immortality, and semi-thirst for blood.

Edward Cullen (Left) Real Vampire (Right)

In short; Vampires with no fangs = Fail.
/Ends rant

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